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How Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Rochester (CCCS) Helped Amanda Jackson-Jacobs Construct a Healthy Financial Plan

I have leadership responsibilities at two organizations. I am the Executive Director at Greater Works Collaborative (GWC). Collectively, the GWC team has over 15 years of combined primary and secondary experience providing reentry/transitional services at ten New York State Correctional Facilities. We look to make three major differences as a result of our team and collaborative work: (1) to reduce re-arrest and recidivism by assisting returning citizens (2) to reduce new crimes associated with being economically disadvantaged and (3) to increase community safety, productive societal membership, workforce diversity, community reconciliation, and family reunification. I am also the Chief Executive Officer at AJ Solutions, LLC which is a local cyber security consulting firm dedicated to providing cost-effective, focused solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Since 2021, we have served more than 200 individuals each year through one-on-one training and group education.

Amanda’s Vision

My vision is to create and implement a sustainability plan for GWC so that it can reach its optimum operational capacity and extend itself to partnerships and participants in a sustainable manner.

The Program

I participated in the Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Rochester (CCCS) FEC program and strongly encourage my clients to participate. I know the importance of healthy personal credit as well as the direct correlation to healthy business credit. Working with the team at CCCS, I was immediately reassured that I was no longer facing my GIGANTIC debt burden alone. My shame, stress, and humiliation were put aside. Although my sessions were conducted over the phone, my counselor, Stacey Walker, was extremely approachable, flexible, and personable. She first educated me on the process of identifying the various reporting agencies and a thorough review of my credit reports. There was quite a bit of historical information as well as incorrect filings. She EDUCATED and GUIDED me on how to construct and execute a healthy financial debt plan.

Final Thoughts

The most important lesson I learned was beyond the academic aspects of the program. The differentiating attribute is that the counselors at CCCS genuinely care! At times, facing my debt was overwhelming and depressing. I now understand why the title “counselor” is relevant. My counselor is a caring, trusting, respectful, and compassionate financial debt and credit expert who understands that financial hardships happen to good people. Stacey’s joyous spirit and occasional cheering of “we will get through this together” demonstrated her commitment to my success in becoming debt-free.

Amanda Jackson-Jacobs – October 26, 2022