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How Pathstone’s Funding and Guidance Helped Darius Myles Build Up His Construction Business


My name is Darius Myles. My firm, DMyles Inc., is a full-service general construction company with a strong emphasis on paving and site work. We primarily provide construction services to the federal government. Recently, we have been focusing on having a more local municipal and local government impact and are pursuing infrastructure projects in our area.

Darius’ Vision

My vision for the future is to continue to grow my firm and be a resource that younger companies can lean on for assistance as they begin to develop and grow their companies.

The Program

We were in need of working capital, and we participated in one of the loan programs that Pathstone had to offer. Pathstone not only gave us access to much-needed funding when our own bank refused to, but they also analyzed our financials and gave us insight on what we can improve on to be a more likely candidate for traditional bank lending in the future.

Our biggest takeaway was learning that there are lenders that actually invest in the growth of companies and that are willing to take a deeper look into what a company needs in order to ensure they can continue on a path to success.

Final Thoughts

Not only would I like to thank Pathstone, but I also want to stress the importance of organizations that are doing the things they do. Financial assistance as well as technical assistance is much needed in our communities, and it is something that many other organizations fail to provide. Pathstone understands this and they are filling that void. I can personally attest to how important of a role they have played in the continued success of my company!

Darius Myles -– October 28, 2022